Transformando pequeños en gigantes
Inspirados en la Pedagogía Waldorff
5th grade overview

At the age of 10 – 11 the child attains a certain ease and grace of movement; it is now coordinated, balanced and harmonious. So, in Grade Five there will be an emphasis on the original Olympian ideal in which qualities such as beauty of movement are as valued as speed or distance.

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Psychologically, the awareness of “self” strengthens as the ability to differentiate between myself and the world around me develops. Cognitively, children are more able to understand questions and phenomena in a realistic and reasoning manner. Understanding and formulation of concepts growths and the faculty for comprehending clear, matter-of-fact, sense-free concepts develops. The sense for personal responsibility growths as well as the understanding of “right and wrong”.

Students identify totally with their work. They are proud of their work spending time to bring it to perfection. This year marks the transition from myth to history. Students develop a greater consciousness of the relationship of life and environment.

This year is the key-point between childhood and puberty, marking the end of the first part of grade school years.




Ancient India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece



Active and passive verbs, use of capitals, parts of speech, punctuation, subject and predicate.

Writing: composition focusing on descriptions, book reports, letter writing



Geography of Central America



Zoology: The adaption of the animal to its environment.

Botany: Study of the plant in relation to the earth. The concept of the archetypical plant.



Decimals, fractions, mixed numbers, reciprocals, metric system.



Free geometric drawing,



Work from darkness into light




Knitting: Using four needles to make socks, mittens, and hats.



Whittling with knife to carve animals from branches


Clay Modeling

Greek vases, high and low relief.



Three-part singing, the major and minor scale


Physical Education

Greek sports: javelin, discus, high jump, long jump. Team sports.




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