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Inspirados en la Pedagogía Waldorff
Creative Discipline

Understanding Creative Discipline in the early years

By: Réne Petersen, Trinus teacher


As teachers and parents, every day is filled with moments which require us to consider which lessons we would like to teach our children. Creative discipline is then a process which we work with constantly so that we become more flexible and confident when approaching our children. We need to be open and flexible and accept the fact that we will make mistakes and that that is ok! We love our children and want what is best for them and we are human. Children are incredibly forgiving and when we act from a space of love, we also must love ourselves enough to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes, as this is a journey for us too. Children do not want to hold grudges. They need to know we love them and they want to love us!

Aprendiendo imitando

Thoughts to consider:


Aprendiendo haciendo

Why is the Waldorf approach to discipline different?

Because we don’t go straight to one standardised policy on discipline. In working with the entire being of the child we always ask “What does this child need, how will I teach them and WHY am I doing this?”

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Strategies we employ in Trinus which is Waldorf inspired:

If you only remember one paragraph from this let it be:

Creative discipline must be:


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