Transformando pequeños en gigantes
Inspirados en la Pedagogía Waldorff
Grades overview

Written by Hans Tholken


To gain a comprehensive picture of Waldorf Education as Trinus provides, we must look at some aspects of this teaching method as there are:


Class teacher – stays with the class ideally all through the grades, establishing good habits, providing guidance and boundaries. He is the loving authority in the lower grades and becomes the mentor in higher grades. The work of the class teacher ends with grade eight. In the high school only specialists of their subject are teaching the young adults.


Main-lesson –  the center of teaching is in the morning from 8 -10 am.

  1. Verses, songs, plays, circle-work, movement, mental math
  2. Recall of previous material and also new material is introduced
  3. Individual working – bookwork
  4. Story (in the lower grades)


Teaching in blocks  –  teach subjects such as writing and arithmetic in main-lesson blocks of 3-4 weeks duration.


Rhythmical learning – provides a healthy balance between:

Concentration  –  Relaxation

Mental work  –  Practical work

Movement  –  Rest

Listening/Looking  –  Participation/Doing


Teaching the arts –  music, painting, drawing as to strengthen imagination, intuition and inspiration.


Curriculum – the Waldorf curriculum is based on the child’s development providing the right nutrition for specific stages of their growth and addresses the whole child with their head, heart and hand.

Grade One

Grade Two

Grade Three

Grade Four

Grade Five

Grade Six

Grade Seven

Grade Eight









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