Transformando pequeños en gigantes
Inspirados en la Pedagogía Waldorff
Helping the child unfold to the adult they are destined to become
Written by Réne Petersen, Trinus teacher

At the centre of Waldorf Education is a true awareness and respect for child development. We are devoted to ensuring that the developmental needs of the child are met in a healthy, holistic way. A key feature of awareness of child development is an understanding of where the child has come from and where the child is headed. Healthy development- physically, socially, emotionally, academically- in childhood means we give the child the opportunity to unfold into the healthy, balanced, responsible adults they are destined to become.


The Waldorf Curriculum provides many opportunities for children to practise and develop certain characteristics which will serve them well in adulthood.






These are just a few examples of how we teach with FULL awareness of the adult the child will become. By focusing on child development, and guiding the child through childhood in an age-appropriate and healthy way as Waldorf teachers we hope to equip the child with the capacities needed to be a self-aware, self-confident, responsible, motivated, curious adult who is able to contribute to the world in an authentic, loving way.






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